"My writing experience with Rosanne and North was nothing short of spectacular. In keeping with the true spirit of my forthcoming album, our writing sessions (both online and live) were personable, organic and home-grown. Having only worked with major records labels and publishing companies in my career, I had no idea what to expect walking in. We co-wrote a song in a day’s time in a setting that was not only relaxing, but inspired creatively. Rosanne & North work extremely well together and really put a lot of time and effort into getting to know their artists. The end result is a finished product which comes from the heart. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone in the industry”. - Joan Kennedy, Multiple Award Winning Country Artist

"Rosanne and North are two of the most incredible songwriters I've had the pleasure and honor of writing and working with. Rosanne's beautiful home was the perfect place to sit, talk, open and share my thoughts and feelings about the song I wanted to write with them. They asked questions, listened and created a safe place for me to express my thoughts and feelings, and from that, write a beautiful song together. I can't wait to record our song. Not only are Rosanne and North amazing songwriters, but their own music is some of the best music I've heard in my life. Their voices and musicianship are impeccable. When you hear Rosanne's and North's music, you're going to be touched to the heart, soul and spirit.  Thank you Rosanne and North, for collaborating and creating a beautiful song with me. I'm deeply grateful”. - Carlos Morgan, Juno Award Winning Artist

“My experience in writing with Rosanne and North was illuminating. I have always tended to write on my own, but the collaborative effort is much more vibrant and intense. They paid great attention to my thoughts and ideas, which made the sessions easy and fun. It is of vital importance that respect is shown to each member of the team, during every aspect of writing. I am in preproduction meetings for my upcoming cd, and I am sure that the songs will be wonderful” - June Garber, International Touring Jazz Artist