The Much Overdue Update

Seemingly our energies have been focused on writing songs and not so much writing this blog. If anyone is really wanting for more insight on what we’re up to, FB friending me (Rosanne Baker Thornley) or following me on Instagram (same name) is where you’ll find the day-to-day, play-by-play. And while there has been years of accumulating do’s, we’re only diving in a tad here to share some of the more recent highlights. We’ve been filling the years, months, days and hours with great sessions, and writing with an interesting and diverse range of talented artists. As well, we’ve been building our own RBT | NE catalogue and casting songs into the sync stream. We’ve had the good fortune to have had our artists release songs, as well as had songs of ours placed, released and climbing the charts. We’ve also been photographing and video’ing artists as well as introducing them to industry in-the-know’ers who are helping them find, build and step onto their career paths. 

First in the news is the launch of our new initiative “That First Song”. Quite honesty, the deliverable is what we’ve been doing for the past 4 years, however, it seems it more immediately communicates what it is we do. You can find the site at In fact the TFS site will give you a good sense of the latest music, videos and artists we’ve been working with. 

Next up, “Have A Little Faith” written with Juno winner Carlos Morgan. Sitting at #2 on the Euro Indie Chart “Have A Little Faith” was written near the beginning of our forming the RBT | NE Partnership. This tune exemplifies how every song has it’s own path and timeline. 

In the songwriting competition arena, we won the Imsta Festa Global Songwriting Completion in Chicago with our song “Tell Me” performed by North and I. This competition had one winner from each of the six participating cities (Toronto, Chicago, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul). We then all moved on in the competition towards the Grand Prize with each regional winner having to write a song using the title “Hurts Like Brand New Shoes”. Lol. And while the Grand Prize Winner, was just recently announced to be from Seoul - we’re grateful for the new song this experience found us. 

We were also invited by The Songwriters Association of Canada to participate in their PRO CO LAB, which is a live web-series highlighting professional co-writing teams. A live stage, North and I (well mostly North lol) talked about songwriting as we dove into writing a song.

Just hitting the waves is “Me Without You” a song we co-wrote with singer, songwriter Andrew Allen that was picked up and released by Warner Music Canada / Inside Pocket Artist “Havelin”. Produced by the infamous Gavin Brown, with Havelin, Gavin Brown and Mike Bilenki jumping into the writing, “Me Without You” can be found pretty much anywhere you listen to music. 

All in all, it’s been a very full and very busy few years, and we’re having fun creating. And so, with a view to posting a bit more than we have been (because even one more post is one more along from where we were)  … thanks for the read, talk soon. 

Cheers, Rosanne | North


Rosanne Baker Thornley

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