2016. Strings changed, laptop ready.

Stepping into year 2. A newly updated website, driven in part by North shrinking by 50'ish lbs, while at the same time the expanding accomplishments of RBT | NE with news to share (am loving the 'In The Room' section and the bright eyes of the artists we’re working with).

It really is remarkable the amount of ground we covered in the short span of a year, the doors that were opened and the many new faces we added to our team. 

As you may (or may not) know, North and I write in a variety of styles that includes singer / songwriter, pop, rock, folk, ac, country, jazz, r&b, as well as a genre I have dubbed as ‘north’. With all the writing we do, there are often songs in the 'north' genre that, of course, fit perfectly with North’s voice and vibe. So, with very positive feedback we've been hearing about these songs from the ‘ears’  in the industry as well as radio 'noses' who know and are loving North’s voice on these songs, we've decided that it makes total sense for North to record and release an album that will feature many of our songs. North currently performs out of Ottawa with his band 'My Favourite Tragedy' (MFT),  More news to share on the album journey, soon  ...

Also underway is a collaborative co-writing group I envisioned that came to life near the end of last year.  "THE COLLABOR8TORS". A group of eight talented, focused writers, brought together specifically to collaborate on great new songs together and to share their experience of the process. And so in November, gathered in my living room were the founding songwriters - Patrick Ballantyne, David Leask, Ambre McLean, Colin MacDonald, Maddy Rodriguez, Ken Yates, North and me. In a very basic approach, we drew names and corresponding lyrics for each writer from a hat, which determined the first 4 collaborating teams - and we left with a date to regroup at the end of January with our 4 newly co-written songs. There will be more news to share on this ... soon.

And so, as we plan our plan, change our strings, power-up my imac, North's iPad and our iphones, we dive wholeheartedly into 2016 - psyched and ready for a new year! 

Rosanne | North