Seriously, our blog silence is not an indication of what’s been happening, but is rather a by-product of just how busy we are.     It’s awesome all the writing we’re doing and so is all the activity that's circling around us. 

Beyond the hours we spend weekly writing via the enabling, but somewhat temperate technology of Skype, North jets in once, or possibly twice a month from Ottawa for our manic 72-hour sessions. The chill vibe of the house, Diesel at our feet, lazy conversations, late night writes, and an endless supply of Perrier  all contribute to the songwriting atmosphere which has resulted   in many (many) new RBT | NE songs, with literally dozens of song starts calling to be finished. Also ‘in the room’ with us have been some amazing artists we’ve been writing with. From a bit of revolution rock for Lyric Dubee, a touch of country for Joan Kennedy and Deanna Ouellette, a south African infused jazz song for Ms. June Garber, some heartfelt soul for Carlos Morgan, to singer, songwriter leaning pop songs for Kelly Heeley … we’re both truly driven in this. As well, in response to some artists need for a turn-key solution, we are also producing and recording the songs we’re writing with them, with Johnny Simmen who is a part of our team. 

We’re inspired and energized about what lays ahead on the songwriting, and performing horizon. More on that later ;)       Making new friends in the artists who are loving the space we     slip into and in finding songs that truly reflect what each artist feels in their hearts and in our helping put a voice to that  - well that is pure fuel for this songwriting team. 

Rosanne  |  North